A R T I G I A N I    M  I L A N E S I   was Established 1959 in Milan, Italy by the  Bizzarri Family. An Italian family of cashmere knitwear artisans. They have created fine Italian style; “Proprietary, Bespoke & Tailored” Cashmere Knitwear for more than 55 years . The Bizzarri’s take intense personal pride in their stylish Italian designs and the extraordinary high quality of their Cashmere garments. 

Meticulous care is taken over every detail in the making and hand finishing of a cashmere garment. Every garment is critically inspected for styling and quality and to ensure it is perfect fit and is visually striking

T H E   F A M I L Y 

A R T I G I A N I     M I L A N E S I - An Italian family of cashmere knitwear artisans, operating since 1959 in Milano, Italy.  Rosa Palmira Feroldi, orphan of war, born in Cremona (Milano) was the founder of Artigiani Milanesi, passionate & dedicated to this trade with infinite enthusiasm, ruthless attention to detail and quality, she has passed on her skill and design flair to her son Davide Bizzarri.  Davide Bizzarri. Milanese born, alpine sportsman, competitive sailor, ex-army officer for the Italian parachute regiment yet also qualified haute couture cashmere knitwear designer and craftsman! Davide creates all the new designs and develops the prototypes. He is manufactures all our current collections.

Partial to all things British..and sailing, Davide met his future wife in 2006 whilst skippering a boat in the mediterranean. An english interiors & fabric designer, Rebecca.  Creative in vision, with a wild passion for design and adventure the pair married in the Alps in 2012 and after several research trips to Canada developed the joint vision to expand Artigiani Milanesi into the North American market. They saw a huge potential for Bespoke Cashmere Tailoring, being the only Italian Cashmere Knitwear Artisans to operate out of Canada. Offering a unique, historic service and product, and adhering to the principles of heritage & quality.

Eco - sustainable, locally produced and fiercely adhering to their heritage, they use only the purest natural Italian Cashmere yarns & the oldest Italian artisan methods known.  They invite you to invest in a part of Italian history & style choosing authenticity and discerning luxury.